Gianfranco's international business career started in 1981 when he moved to Hamburg (Germany) and worked for German tourist company TUI (today the largest leisure, travel and tourist company in the world). 


Since then he spent most of his life abroad gaining deep knowledge about sales, marketing, distribution and after sales operations.


He networked with Corporations around the globe like AGCO and Caterpillar in North America, Yanmar in Japan, Valmet in Brasil and many more.


The seven years spent dedicating himself to the Fisker Automotive project, gave him a deep insight of the automotive industry. 


Gianfranco, supported by his network of highly skilled professionals, is a great innovator and "out of the box" thinker and can help corporations to think more creatively on business development, sales and marketing, and about conducting any project in a real sustainable way throughout the entire process.

"No matter what company or what business you are running. You should always focus on building a sustainable growth model by creating synergies. If you manage to translate this paradigm and make it yours, the result you will get is success!" 

Gianfranco Pizzuto